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My Power Partners in Health

I happen to have two exceptional Chiropractors to refer my clients to if needed.

Dr. Shannon Black

Natural Chiropractic and Acupuncture

3440 N. Carefree, Suite 130

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

phone: 719-522-3557.

Dr. Shannon includes acupuncture along with your chiropractic adjustment. For more information visit:

Dr. Kelly Wood

Bee Extraordinary Chiropractic Wellness Solutions

685 Pony Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

phone: 719-648-5920.

Dr. Kelly includes muscle work and energy work during your adjustment. Visit her website to find out more:



Dr. Tim Warner

Warner Wellness



They are professional and caring with their patients. I get an adjustment from both Kelly and Shannon, and Tim and I feel great after their treatments. I feel strongly this is an important part of how I stay healthy.