San Miguel Wellness, LLC
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My Power Partners in Health

We have exceptional Chiropractors to refer my clients to if needed.

Dr. Shannon Black

Natural Chiropractic and Acupuncture

3440 N. Carefree, Suite 130

Colorado Springs, CO 80917

phone: 719-522-3557.

Dr. Shannon includes acupuncture along with your chiropractic adjustment. For more information visit:

Dr. Kelly Wood

Bee Extraordinary Chiropractic Wellness Solutions

685 Pony Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

phone: 719-648-5920.

Dr. Kelly includes muscle work and energy work during your adjustment. Visit her website to find out more:



Dr. Tim Warner

Warner Wellness

421 South Tejon Street, Suite 120

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone:  719.574.5500



They are professional and caring with their patients. I get an adjustments from  Kelly and Shannon, and Tim and I feel great after their treatments.